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Naming Days & Milestones

There are many milestones in your family’s life which are worthy of celebration – births, naming days, adoptions and re-commitment ceremonies.

Australia today has many different families and I think it’s unfortunate that the narrative of finding someone important to you is so often limited to romantic stories. I didn’t give birth to my oldest son and someone else cared for him for the first 9 years but we created a strong bond which was independent of my relationship with his father and continued after we separated – in fact for 29 years and I’m still pulling him up on incorrect grammar and he’s still giving me advice on everything from this website to the relationship with my younger children. I want to create celebrations to acknowledge and support some of the less often recognised relationships, like that of step parents and children or the birth of children to parents that are good friends but don’t live together. What is important to you and your family is worthy of celebration!

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you mark these occasions.


Marriage and The Law

You don’t need to think about the law on your wedding day but at some stage before you wed, it’s a good idea to consider and discuss the legal effects of marriage.

One stop shopping… In addition to being a marriage celebrant I am a lawyer employed with Carty & Cox, Solicitors in Bellingen. While I am an Accredited Specialist in Family Law I am also very interested in elder law. I regularly advise clients on the legal consequences of marriage, draft wills and act for families in obtaining grants of probate and managing deceased estates. As part of my services I am happy to provide general advice in relation to the issues your family may need to consider. For instance, did you know that marriage voids your current Will unless that Will was made in contemplation of your marriage and makes specific reference to it?

Please contact my office on (02) 6655 1407 for more information in regards to legal enquiries.


Flowers for weddings

Tenille Wolhuter is a floral artist and passionate gardener, her organic property is in the Thora valley. Tenille is a seasonal grower so what is available changes all the time but she knows her property well and can tell you what will be blooming on your wedding day. If your wedding is being held in Bellingen, Gleniffer, Kalang, Dorrigo or the surrounding areas and you are looking for colour or natives, it is well worth looking at Tenille’s instagram account – @thewildsbundilla or contacting her ph 0431174762; email: tenillewol@gmail.com  Tenille provides flowers for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres (men’s lapels), arbors and tables.