About Linda

I am an Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant, available to officiate the milestones in your family’s life:

  • Civil wedding ceremonies
  • Re-commitment ceremonies
  • Funeral and memorial ceremonies
  • Naming days
  • Formal and informal adoption celebrations

In a world where beauty is sometimes undervalued, it is a joy to work as a celebrant and be part of creating a beautiful event – whether it be a public declaration of union or commemoration or to celebrate a birth or other significant event. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating such events.

Occasions like these bring communities together, they get us to look up from our busy lives and think about what really matters to us. I think the more opportunities we take to stop and celebrate, the better.

In addition to being a celebrant I have been a solicitor for 30 years with a particular interest in wills and estates, and I am an accredited specialist in Family Law. I think my different roles complement each other. I am confident dealing with the legal requirements involved in marriage and I am well placed to raise issues you may not have thought about and guide you in the right direction when dealing with the myriad legal consequences of marriage or the death of someone you love.